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Updated Diacetyl Statement:  ECBlend has re-confirmed with our vendors and have received updated certifications on our raw flavorings that show no diacetyl in any our flavorings.  Ongoing testing:  We are continuing our independent third-party testing of each e-liquid flavor produced by ECBlend to verify our flavoring certifications and ensure our products remain free from diacetyl. 

Updated Diacetyl Statement:  ECBlend does not add diacetyl to our flavorings nor do we use diacetyl in any of our facilities.  We require Certificates of Analysis or Statements from our flavor vendors that they do not add diacetyl to the flavors we are purchasing.  

Diacetyl is the main ingredient of the typical butter aroma.  ECBlend's raw Butter Flavoring has been test by a third-party lab for diacetyl with the results of Non-Detected "ND"   
With some controlled processes of microorganisms, diacetyl accrues as by-product. A variety of funguses and bacteria found in lactic acid also form diacetyl. Diacetyl can develop in the course of production of beer and wine. In this case, it is undesirable due to its buttery "off" flavour.
Diacetyl occurs naturally
Diacetyl occurs naturally in tobacco, apples, beans, butter, artichokes, black currants, blueberries, blue cheese, coffee, vinegar, dairy, honey, and wheat.
Diacetyl can come from many natural sources. It is a natural by-product from the conversion of glucose to ethanol by yeast during fermentation in beer, and it is also found naturally in low concentrations in coffee, vinegar, dairy, honey, and fruits.  It is also present in butter at low levels. 
Also, acetoin is produced from diacetyl and trace amounts of diacetyl may be present in “pure acetoin”.
Acetoin is currently considered "okay" for vaping.  Although there is additional study needed on this.
Tobacco Smoke
Diacetyl is present in tobacco smoke  (diacetyl (301-433 microg/cigarette) National Institute of Health  (See Testing below).
ECBlend Testing
Although we have obtained certificates and statements from our vendors, we have begun independent third-party laboratory testing.  E-Liquid is a new and emerging industry.  Testing e-liquids is new and testing procedures and methods will be updated as the industry and laboratories learn more about the safety and testing of these products.
The current testing method for diacetyl has been developed for tobacco smoke, and modified for e-liquids.  This testing method for e-liquid needs improvements for accuracy and detection.  The independent third-party testing lab used by ECBlend is currently working to improve methods to better measure diacetyl and other compounds for e-liquids and raw flavoring.  
As of this publishing, ECBlend e-liquids that have been independently tested to-date have all returned with Not Detected (ND).
We will continue to independently test through all of our e-liquids, as well as continue to work with our flavor vendors .  
[Source: GMO Database]
  • A technique has been developed in order to win diacetyl with help of GM microorganisms. No information is available about the commercial use of this procedure.

Labelling: diacetyl is not directly won from GM plant raw material. However, the microorganisms employed may have obtained nutrients (substrates) of GM plants. Even in this case, the additive remains unlabelled.

Diacetyl also remains not subject to labelling when produced with the aid of GM microrganisms. Additives that are produced in closed systems with the aid of GM microorganisms are not subject to a labelling requirement provided that the respective additive is purified and does not contain any microorganisms.

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