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Canceling an order: An order may be cancelled if it is still in ''Awaiting Fulfillment'' Status.  Once it is in "In Production", the order is already in the mixing process and cannot be cancelled.  Check your order status here >   Order Status     To cancel your order, if it is still in Awaiting Fulfillment > Submit a Help Ticket 


Order Statuses

This shopping cart system is currently limited to how many 'statuses' we can use.  This grid explains what status we use and what they mean for us.

Awaiting Fulfillment We have RECEIVED the order and it is awaiting processing
Creating Order is being prepared to go to Product Creation.  We are making your bottle labels, order control sheets, packing slips and address labels.
In Production Your order is IN PRODUCT CREATION.  All of the above are completed and your order is being custom made to your specifications and goes through our Quality Control Process.  It will then go to Shipping where the bottles will be inspected, caps tightened, bottles counted, polybagged, packaged, weighed, and postage affixed. 


Shipping Status: Shipped 
U.S.P.S. w/
Informed Delivery

NOTICE: It is not uncommon for the USPS to not update 'Tracking' on Informed Delivery.   First Class Mail and Priority Mail services do not include end-to-end visibility.  This means the Post Office is not required to update tracking.  They often do not scan a package until it is delivered.

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