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States - Adult Verification Required Service

Is an adult signature required for my e-liquid delivery?

For many states, no. However, if "Adult Signature Required" appears on your order, then yes, your state has passed a law requiring an adult (21 years of age or older) must be present with a valid form of ID to sign for the delivery.


If you aren’t available to sign for your delivery, please make sure that another adult is present.

If it’s more convenient for you, we’re also able to ship your order to a business address.


Order Status - Track Packages

After an order has shipped, you can track your packages our website.

From Your Orders, you can find tracking information in your order details. Click on the tracking link for more information.


Sign up for USPS Informed Delivery

Informed Delivery® is a free notification feature that gives you the ability to digitally manage your packages scheduled to arrive soon. Informed Delivery benefits the entire household by allowing users to view what is coming to their mailbox whenever, wherever – even while traveling – on a computer, tablet, or mobile device.


What if I or another adult is not available to receive my delivery?

Your shipping carrier will attempt three deliveries. After three delivery attempts, your shipping carrier may hold your delivery at their local facility for up to two days before returning the package to us, or it may be returned to us immediately after the third delivery attempt.

An adult must be present

Please note that an adult (anyone 21 years of age or older, it does not have to be you) must be present with a valid form of ID to sign for the delivery. If you aren’t available to sign for your delivery, please make sure that another adult is present.

$5 to verify my age? Why should I pay that?

We have always strived to bring the best premium artisan products at the lowest prices in the industry. We understand that this is a burden on you from the state you are shipping to, so we're paying a portion of the $6.40 cost from the carrier and only charging $5 for the Age Verification Signature.


During checkout, you may get an option to PICKUP IN STORE

If you are in a state with one of our stores or an affiliate reseller, you may opt to pick up your order and age verify at no charge.

If you are in a state where we contract for age verification service, you will be able to pick up your order at a reduced charge or no charge.

For your convenience, we are working hard to sign up as many pick up locations in states where this is required.


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