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Polycarbonate Clearomizer Warnings
 WARNING ABOUT POLY-CARBONATE CLEAROMIZER Use poly-carbonate plastic devices at yo
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Filling Instructions for Cartomizers
Reprinted by permission of the author: Steve Kryworuka ©2012 (v1.120818)  (This article may not be reprinted without written authorization by the author) (Modified for ECBlend)  Links : 
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Filling Instructions for Tanks
 ( Simplify filling with ECBlend Blunt Tip Needle Caps ) 
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Atomizer or Cartomizer?
Atomizers and Cartomizersby Steve Kryworuka ©2012 (v1.120822)  (This article may not be reprinted wit
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Resistances and Ohm
Resistances and Ohms      General information regarding ohm's for new vapers  Using a higher resistance than recommended will produce less vapor
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Clearomizers and Base Mixes
Clearomizers work best with higher PG base mixes.  A base mix of 60% PG/40% VG to 100% PG work best.  Higher VG percentages can increase the likelihood of a burnt taste due to a dry wick and coil....
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