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Filling Instructions for Tanks

 ( Simplify filling with ECBlend Blunt Tip Needle Caps ) 

Tank Instructions:  Do not overfill.  Let sit for 5-10 minutes after filling.  After filling check to make sure it is fully saturated.  
Easy Filling

  • Remove the drip tip, then carefully slide the cartomizer out so the top of the cartomizer is approx 1/8 inch below the tank cap.


  • Slowly drip your ECBlend e-liquid into the 1/8 inch opening while tilting the tank slightly. (Do Not Overfill, this will result in leaking!) Stop filling when the e-liquid level is slightly below the lip of the cartomizer.


  • Push the cartomizer back into place.  (Once the e-liquid has reached the top of the cartomizer (without overflowing the tank into the cartomizer), it can be pushed back into place.)

Note: When replacing the cartomizer, be sure to insert it into the bottom cap of the tank. (The bottom cap of the tank has a recessed cut-out that matches the protuding flange on the replacement cartomizer.) This will fit snugly and prevent leaks. 

If you have a leak, do not overfill! and make sure the bottom flange of the cartomizer fits into the proper side of the tank that has the matching cutout for the flange.

For best results, make sure it is fully saturated.  Let it sit for 5-10 minutes to allow for saturation.

Simplify filling with Blunt Tip Needle Caps  - These will allow you to fill more e-liquid into the tank.
AVOID HARSH BURNT TASTE:  Incorrect filling, not filling completely, excessive voltage, or letting it go 'dry' (not re-filling) may result in a harsh burnt taste. 
NO DISCOUNTS:  Unless otherwise specified, discount codes do not apply to this product.  
NO WARRANTY:  ECBlend does not offer warranties on cartomizers, clearomizers, tanks or atomizers.  

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