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Security - Passwords and Credit Cards

ECBlend uses a third party hosted e-commerce service that has very tight security for online ordering.

Your email address is encrypted in our ordering system and can only be seen by ECBlend Employees, the credit card process and your bank,  and the shipping company you select to send your order.


Further, we are 100% PCI compliant, which means we do not store any of your credit card information. In fact, ECBlend employees cannot see any part of your card or your passwords.  They are both encrypted.  The password is stored encryped on our ordering system and is only queried when you log in. The only thing an ECBlend employee can do with your password is to change it.  They cannot see it at any time.

Your credit card information is stored by the credit card processor. We use the largest processor in the world.   It will appear that you are still on ECBlend website when you input your card information, but you are actually on the card processors site which interfaces directly with your bank.  Once the card is approved, you are re-routed back to ECBlend where our order system tells you "Thank you for your order". 

ECBlend does not see the details of that transaction.  Our system is sent an "Approved" or "Declined" code.  If approved, the order is generated.  

THIS IS WHY WE CANNOT CHANGE ORDER VALUES.  We have no access to your credit card to change the amount or even to add additional charges.  If you need a change to your order, and it has not already been sent to processing, we must cancel the order, credit your account and you re-place the order.  Very easy to do with our Quick ReOrder system (top left of any page on our website).

Security Emails or issues received by ECBlend are addressed immediately and a copy is forwarded to the hosting company for their records and, if necessary, investigation.

We hope this inspires confidence when ordering with ECBlend.  We take security very seriously.

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