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 Sweetener Options


Sweetener Options explained:

We use a proprietary blend of Ethyl Maltol and flavor enhancers.   We do not use sucralose or other artificial sweeteners in our recipe.  Many 'Premium' E-Liquids contain sucralose which lowers the life of your coil, forcing you to replace them more often.

There are 4 levels to our Sweetener Option:

'No Option' for 'Add Sweetener': The E-Liquid already contains sweetener in the recipe.  

'Add' Sweetener: The recipe doesn't include sweetener (Coffee, Tea, and Tobacco flavors normally do not include sweetener in the recipe as some prefer them without it)  

'Enhanced' Sweetener:  When selected, we add  an additional amount of sweetener to the recipe.  

'Double' Sweetener: When selected, we add double the amount based of sweetener based on the recipe.  

We also offer our sweetener in PG and VG base mixes for you to purchase to add to your existing E-Liquids.  This gives you full control over how sweet you prefer your E-Liquids.


Sweetener Products available online: Supplies Category

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Add one drop per 5mL of E-Liquid.  Shake well.  

ECBlend Sweetener is 100% water-soluble and contains: Propylene Glycol (PG), Ethyl Maltol, and Flavor Enhancers. 

This is an additive for E-Liquid and is not to be vape directly  

Note:  If you are sensitive for Propylene Glycol (PG) this is also available in a PG free version  ECBlend Sweetener (VG Base) 

Note:  Adding too much sweetener will make the flavor taste like caramel / cotton candy.   

This is a sweetener additive, it is not E-liquid: Not to be vaped directly, intended to be used with existing E-Liquids to increase sweetness.

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