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How many flavors do we have?  That is a good question...  How many do we have?

January 01, 2013

This article is outdated - but is on our list of things-to-do: We have added over 100 base recipes, many new wizards, and have expanded our Dragon Series since this printing.

Our Create Your Own combinations exceed over 14,000,000 possible combinations

(As of this printing (updated 2/20/12) our recipes include)

  • 167 ECBlend E-Liquid Recipes in 14 categories (Fruits, Drinks, Traditionals, Sweets and Desserts, and more)
  • Our Cantaloupe wizard has 10 flavor selections like Peach Cantaloupe, Watermelon Canteloupe, and 8 more. Each flavor can be custom mixed with 2 more additional flavor selections
  • Our Malt Creator features mouth-watering malt selections like Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry, and 12 more with 2 additional flavor selections to custom blend
  • Our Soda Fountain allows you to select 4 basic Soda Flavors, then enhance each one with 31 custom flavor shots allowing you to create your own flavors like Cherry Cola, Raspberry Root Beer, or Vanilla Cola
  • Starting with COCONUT, create your own delicious Coconut concoction with Flavor Options. Popular combinations include Coconut Cookie, Chocolate Coconut. Mix up to 12 flavors with coconut x 2 flavor shots
  • Coffee and Tea YOUR Way - It's time to create the best tea or coffee you've ever tasted. Why? Because you create it yourself! Coffee Your Way features 25 flavors you can mix up to 4 ways each.  Tea Your Way features an astounding 57 flavors up to 4 ways x 2! Enhance your creation with sweeteners, honey, lemon, or lime.
  • ECBlend's Mints Selectors lets you select your favorite mint.  Enjoy it alone or enhance it with up to 44 different flavors x 3 flavor shots
  • Our Almond Amaretto Recipe Selector lets you select from 28 Cocktail recipes! Yum
  • Brandy Flavors - The unique fruity Flavoring of BRANDY makes a great cocktail base.  Alone or enhance your brandy with 14 other flavors to create your own Brandy cocktails like Apricot Brandy
  • Step into our Gin Joint and enjoy 15 flavors with 2 flavor shots
  • 100% VG flavors - we have 8 and growing
  • Just want Menthol or Cool Hit™? We have those! 
  • Aka Flavorless !  In all base mixes and 100% VG, Add Sour, Menthol, Cool Hit™, Extra Menthol or sweetener.  Sorry, no Extra Flavor in our Flavor-less!
  • INTRODUCING ECBlend's All Natural Flavors.  Starting with over 60 recipes you can select in base mixes from 80pg/20vg all the way to 100% VG
  • Most of our flavors now have a "All Natural Flavor" option

And, our famous ECBlend's Create Your Own E-Liquid Wizard featuring 129 flavors custom mixable up to 4 ways.  You choose the flavors, you choose the mix, you choose the enhancements, You Create Your Own!  Create! Mix! Enjoy!

How many flavors does ECBlend have?

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