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Guide to Temperature Control Vaping

Guide to Temperature Control Vaping


Temperature Control Vaping creates a fool proof way of limiting the temperature produced by the coil.  Not only does this prevents harsh dry hits, but it increases the life of your replacement coils! Another great feature of temperature control is the ability to change how cool or hot of a vape you want.  Below is some useful information when considering temperature control vaping.

What is Temperature Control vaping (TC)?

Devices with a temperature control (TC) feature allow you to set a Fahrenheit or Celsius value to which the coil will reach, but not exceed.  When the coil reaches the preset temperature value, it acts as a regulator so the coil is always heating consistently. A good comparison is to that of cruise control on a car (preset temperature, is much like a preset speed whether going up or down a hill) .

First Time Setup

It is much easier to set up TC than you would think.  The same principles apply to TC as they do in wattage mode.

  1. The very first step is to make sure you set the correct TC mode for the correct material of wire being used.  For example, there are three main types used with TC: Nickel (commonly referred to as Ni200), Stainless Steel (SS316), and Titanium(Ti).  Some modes are made to support multiple kinds of wire, other devices will have a separate mode for each type of wire.

  2. The second, and probably most important step when TC vaping is to “lock the base resistance” of the coil at room temperature.  What this means: When you lock your resistance it tells the device “this is the starting temperature,” otherwise the temperature would be read incorrectly which defeats the whole purpose of TC mode! This step is VERY important! Every device is different, so please read the user manual for your device to see how to lock the resistance!

  3. Once you have locked the base resistance, you can now set the recommended wattage for your coil.  This is the same as you would normally do (Newer replacement coils will have the recommended wattage etched on the side)

  4. Lastly, select the temperature at which you want your coil to not exceed.  A lower temperature means a cooler vape, higher temperature means a hotter/denser and more flavorful vape.

When first vaping in TC it is always best to start low and work your way up.  Common temperatures used when vaping range from 200°C - 250°C / 392°F - 480°F and are usually set in increments of 5°C or 10°F.  TC allows you to fine tune your vape experience to get the most out of every coil. Try experimenting different temperatures with the same eliquid, you might be amazed how different a flavor can taste at different temperatures!  Another thing to keep in mind is the “sweet spot” may vary as the PG/VG blend of the E-Liquid varies.


Nickel (Ni200) and Titanium (Ti) coils should never be used in a vaporizer that does not have a TC feature and should NEVER be dry fired (glowing red when using a rebuildable device) for extended periods of time due to the fact that both types of coil burn until combustion at very high temperatures (1200-1400°F.)  Ni and Ti coils should also never be used in Variable Voltage or Variable Wattage mode.  (VV/VW)



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