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 Human respiratory tissue test reveals e-cigarette vapour produces similar result as air


Human Respiratory Tissue Test Reveals E-Cigarette Vapour Produces Similar Result As Air  [Source:]

Six hours of exposure to cigarette smoke resulted in near-complete  cell death, but the same exposure to e-cigarette vapour did not affect the tissue viability.

E-cigarette vapour from two different types of e-cigarette has no cytotoxic impact on human airway tissue, according to new research published in In Vitro Toxicology.

Scientists at British American Tobacco and MatTek Corporation used a unique combination of tests to investigate the potential adverse effects of e-cigarette vapour on airway tissue compared with cigarette smoke. ‘By employing a combination of a smoking robot and a lab-based test using respiratory tissue, it was possible to demonstrate the ability to induce and measure aerosol irritancy and to show that the different e-cigarette aerosols used in this study have no cytotoxic effect on human airway tissue,’ says spokesperson Dr Marina Murphy.

This new methodology could be used to help develop product standards for these kinds of products in the future.

E-cigarette vapour can contain nicotine, humectants, flavourings and thermal degradation products, so it is important to understand the potential impact on biological systems. Until now, there have been no aerosol studies of potential adverse effects of e-cigarette vapour on in vitro models that so closely mimic the structure, function and exposure of normal human airway tissue.



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