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 ECBlend Introduces Preferred Pricing, Drops Prices






We think you'll love our new Preferred Pricing
We've been making Premium Artisan E-Liquid for seven years strong, and in that time, we've learned what's important to you, like not having to pay more than you need to, so...
Effective immediately, E-Liquid prices are reduced from 20% to 35%, with NicSalt prices reduced from 22% to 33%!
That means:
  • 30mL bottles that were $8.95 are now $6.95!
  • 60mL bottles that were $15.95 are now $11.95!
  • NicSalt 30mL bottles that were $15.95 are now $12.45!
This isn't a sale. This isn't a one-time weekend event. These are our new prices company wide, online and in our retail shops!
This means after seven years, we're finally turning off our classic 10020 coupon code in favor of these better prices. Now, you won't have to choose between the 20%-Off Coupon and your Reward Points at checkout. 
If you were itching for one last chance to use that coupon code, we've got you covered: Everyone gets to use Coupon Code 10020 one more time for an extra 20% off!
Happy vaping! 



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