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At ECBlend, we always strive to offer the absolute best E-Liquid for the best price with as many options as possible.  You get to choose your PG/VG level, nicotine strength, bottle size, sweeteners, and of course—FLAVOR!
Stronger Flavors for Modern Devices:  The vaping industry has come a long way over the years.  We've seen dramatic improvements to vaporizer technology in the form of greater power and vapor output as seen in sub-ohm devices, as well as smaller, lower-powered but more efficient devices like the Aspire Breeze or the pod-based Vapeccino MATE 1.  This vast array of available devices means that it's more important than ever to have access to a multitude of options in nictotine strength and type, different base levels of VG and PG, flavor profiles and strengths, and more.  
More Options for Every Device and Palette: At ECBlend, we're always working to improve and optimize our E-Liquid to provide the best vape juice for the widest variety of vapers possible.  Whether you're using an older pen-style battery and cartomizer, puffing massing clouds with a sub-ohm device, or taking advantage of today's newer compact and low-power pod-based vaporizers—we've got the perfect juice for you!
Get the Most from Your Sub-Ohm Device: For example, we recognize that today's vapers using powerful sub-ohm devices may desire E-Liquid with significantly stronger flavors than ever before.  To give these sub-ohm users the best E-Liquid available for their devices, ECBlend has opted to now offer Extra Flavor options for every E-Liquid we carry at NO EXTRA COST!
Featured Flavor: Dragon's Egg
The latest release in the Dragon Series from ECBlend: Dragon's Egg.  Savor rich buttered rum sauce drizzled over uber-delicious apple pie, finishing with our world-famous Dragon Cream!

Regular Flavor
We formulate our recipes to suit the majority of our customers' taste, so regular flavor is usually a nice "average" flavor for the average palate.  Perfect for the vaper looking for a smoother, more understated experience.

Extra Flavor
Extra Flavor increases the flavor enough for folks who want to have that extra flavor making it more pronounced, or for those who may have less sensitive tastebuds. When you order Extra Flavor, you get more of the complete flavor blend added to the bottle and not just one specific flavor.  Extra Flavor is also recommended for vapers choosing our MAX VG options.
Double Extra Flavor
Finally, Double Extra Flavor is for folks who like a really strong or intense flavor, or for those who are mixing flavors. Note: it can change the intended flavor of a blend. Extra steeping time is strongly recommended with Double Extra Flavor selections and is only recommended for customers who are experienced with a particular flavor.
FlavorTudes Flavor Shots
We always recommend purchasing a smaller bottle the first time you try adding Extra Flavor to your E-Liquid order with ECBlend so that you can be sure it's right for you and your device.  If you'd prefer to add additional flavors yourself—try our line of FlavorTudes Flavor Shots!  FlavorTudes are not E-Liquid, they're flavoring for you to add to your favorite E-Liquid to alter and enhance the taste!  We currently have 12 FlavorTudes Flavor Shots to choose from, and more are on the way!
Need Help?
If you have questions about adding additional flavor to your made-to-order ECBlend E-Liquid give us a call today at 541-393-9840, Monday - Friday, 8:00AM to 4:00PM.  You can also visit our online Help Desk!
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