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How Much E-Liquid Equals ...

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HOW MANY DROPS ARE IN 1 ML of E-LIQUID:  For the purpose of this article, we used a 3 ml syringe in 1/10th ml graduations, our standard 5 ml bottle with dropper insert containing 18 mg nicotine and 50% PG/ 50% VG base mix:

APPROX 35-40 drops are in 1 ml of e-liquid

HOW MANY CIGARETTES in 1 ML of E-LIQUID:  This is very difficult to calculate.  It depends on the size of the "drag" you take among other factors.

We have found answers on the internet ranging from 1 ml = 1 pack to 3 ml = 1 pack (and some really wild numbers).

Using the average (for the average user) then, 1 pack = 2 ml of e-liquid :

  • a 5ml bottle would = 2.5 packs
  • a 15 ml bottle would = 7.5 packs
  • a 30 ml bottle would = 15 packs
  • a 50 ml bottle would = 25 packs



Using the above numbers, the equivalent costs would be

  • a 5ml bottle = $2.50  for equiv of 2.5 packs = $1.00 per pack
  • a 15ml bottle = $5.95 for equiv of 7.5 packs = $0.80 per pack
  • a 30ml bottle = $8.99 for equiv of 15 packs = $0.60 per pack
  • a 50ml bottle = $14.65 for equiv of 25 packs = $0.58 per pack


1 pack = $5.00 to $11.00 (NY?)  Average $6 per pack  (Link)


a 1 pack a day smoker would spend $6 days x 365 days = $2,190 year

a 1 pack a day vaper would spend $1 x 365 = $365 year

You are the best person to judge your usage, how long of a drag you take, and how much nicotine you need to satisfy your craving.

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